Online Sunday Service – 18th April 2021

Good morning all, I hope you are  well and not going too wild with your new found freedom! J

Here is this week’s Sunday service for you. It has a comforting message for each one of us, so I hope you can make the time to sit and read it through.

Our church service is being streamed live on YouTube / Kilmacolm Old  Kirk at 11am and recorded there for viewing later if you would like to watch it.

Take care, keep safe and God bless.



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Welcome / Intimations – Session Clerk


“May the Grace and the Peace of our dear Lord Jesus be with you all.”

(and with you)


Good morning all – it’s lovely to see you all here this morning, pretty much a ‘full house’  I believe.

Extra Brownie points for turning out today! J


Let us worship God.


Call to Worship – We come to church for a variety of reasons ~ to meet friends, to escape from the world for an hour, for peace and quite – to sing favourite Hymns – to think of a loved one lost – to give thanks for Blessings – perhaps even to join with your church family and enjoy the fellowship we share………. all these are good and valid reasons – but we should also come with one united aim – to Worship the one, Holy and everlasting God –

so let us begin our worship with our morning prayers


Let us Pray

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, we come to praise and to worship you…. we come as a family, to be in your presence and to listen for your word to us…….  We come from our different homes and lives, but with one purpose – to unite as one body, the body of Christ and show witness to our faith in you, through your son, Jesus Christ..


Lord, we lift up our hearts and rejoice that you are our Lord, our King, that Jesus is our Saviour and that you are our glorious hope – for this life and the life which is to follow.

Father, you make the light shine out of darkness, you make the sun rise, you give us Christ, the world’s true light:

You live in light beyond all thought, yet through Christ our Lord we know you are present here, today, in our lives, in love and power:

And we praise you.


But who are we that you should remember us? Who are we that you should care for us? Yet, for all our faults, for all our failings – you love us still. What a wonderful and awesome God you are !


We remember how we have not loved or cared, as we ought,

how we have been too much wrapped up in


to see Christ before us –

We have been too hard on others, too quick to  blame;

We have grumbled, when we should have been thankful,

Have criticised, when we should have tried to help;

How we forget the rest of the world, and are happy, so long as

our own lives are relatively problem free.


Lord Jesus,  we admit such things to you now, in your presence and in our silence – and we bring not only our confessions but all that troubles us – all that clogs up our minds and stops us from truly seeing you in all your glory – so be with us now as we sit together – in the peace of our silence………


Lord, forgive us………. heal us, cleanse, refresh, renew us  – strengthen our faith in times of doubt – grant us your mercy and your grace – for we ask it in Jesus’ name.


Help us to see that we need your guidance  – and as we travel along life’s road – may Christ walk beside us.. leading us onward – teaching, challenging and enlightening us as to your will………..


Hear us we pray for your mercy – hear us too as we pray together – the family Prayer – the Lord’s prayer –


OUR FATHER..who art in heaven..hallowed be thy name..thy kingdom come.. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven….. Give us this day our daily bread.. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.. Lead us not into temptation.. But deliver us from evil .. For thine is the kingdom.. The power and the glory forever…. Amen.


Hymn 530 – “one more step…”

(Iain to read verse 1 – Robin then plays the tune)


In our N.T. reading we hear of the two disciples who were heading home after all that had happened at Easter – leaving Jerusalem and walking along the road to Emmaus – downhearted and despondent – they were talking about all that had happened – when they were joined by a stranger  – a stranger who turned out to be someone they knew very well ~


Let us hear God’s word ~


Reading – Luke 24 : 13 –20 & 25 – 31



What was it Robbie Burns said ? – “the best laid plans of mice and men – gang oft agley!”


A very simple – yet true saying.


How often have we made plans, got up our hopes, only for them to be dashed as things don’t go as we had planned ?

It’s disappointing to say the least – sometimes it can be devastating  – and we feel downcast, disappointed and discouraged. It’s a horrible feeling.


It must have been how those two disciples felt as they made their weary way home to Emmaus – two sad disciples walking in to the sunset like the end of some old movie.


Plans had been made – hopes had been raised – and here was Jesus, that long awaited saviour – He was going to ruffle some feathers – shake up the holy men and the establishment – and things were going to change !!


Jesus – the one they had given everything up for – the one they had pinned all their hopes on – but now he was dead – arrested and killed – just like many prophets who had gone before.


Perhaps it had all been some kind of crazy dream – perhaps it was just some kind of band-wagon that they had jumped on – how they be sure ? – how could they be sure of anything, anymore ??

One thing was for sure – it was all over – Jesus was dead – dead and buried – just like their hopes – or so they thought.


And so we hear about the two disciples heading home to the small town of Emmaus which was about 7 miles west of Jerusalem.


What must if have been like for them ?


Here is a meditation from the point of view of  ‘Cleopas’ one of the 2 disciples that encountered Jesus  on that road just a few days after the whole terrible  easter business.


They had witnessed the crucifixion and that, they thought, was that….


Let us listen to the words of Cleopas ~


“We met Him, there on the Emmaus road –

And we still didn’t understand – can you believe that?


Despite the testimony of the women and the disciples and the apostles, the empty tomb, the vision of the angels –

Still we couldn’t take it in1


I suppose we’d made up our minds that it was finished,

come to terms with the fact that our hopes had been dashed,

and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to think any different

for fear of yet more disappointment,

yet more broken dreams.


Condemn us, if you like,

But remember this:

we’d seen him hanging there on the cross,

we’d watched in desolation as he drew his final breath,

and we’d been there, tears streaming from our eyes,

as they cut him down and laid him in the tomb.

You don’t forget that in a hurry, I can tell you.


So when this stranger appeared out of the blue

we thought nothing of it – why should we?

The possibility of him being Jesus was the last thing on our minds.

Even when he interpreted the scriptures for us,

explaining why the Messiah had to suffer and die,

still we didn’t suspect anything-

even though our hearts burned within us with unfathomable  joy.


But when we sat together at table,

and he took bread and broke it,

then even we couldn’t miss it,

the extraordinary, incredible truth-

it was Jesus,

Christ crucified and risen,

There by our sides!

We’d thought the adventure was over,

but it had only just begun!

We’d thought there was nothing left to us but memories,

but suddenly the future beckoned, rich with promise.

The night had ended,

a new day was dawning,

life was beginning again-

and we marveled at the sheer wonder of his grace,


for, of course, we didn’t meet him that day,

despite what we’d thought;


HE met US!!



Lord Jesus Christ,

like the two disciples on the Emmaus road,

so often we journey through life unaware of your presence.

Though we talk of your resurrection

it does not stir our hearts or capture our imagination

in the way it should.

Yet though we may not realize it,

even in our doubt you are there with us,

matching your stride with ours,

waiting to meet us along the way.

Open our eyes that we may see you and know you better.



This is a very human narrative for us – for there are times when we become “travellers on the Emmaus road” – despondent – struggling to understand – confused and discouraged – yet we see that Jesus knows when we need His help.

It’s when we are downcast and dejected – that He draws even closer to us.

Aye – but do we see Him!?


And this text – this story – tells us one more thing – it tells us of God’s great and glorious power –

For it tells us that Jesus really did rise again ! – that it’s only the plans of ‘mice and men’ that gang oft agley – the plans of God roll on through time – like an ever rolling stream – unhindered by mankind’s feeble efforts to control our own destiny.


But if we have the eyes to see it – it challenges us too.

It challenges us to look for Jesus as we travel this journey of life – of faith.


It challenges us to recognise His presence in all that is good in the world.


And to his presence in our own lives – whatever we do -= wherever me may go –He is with us, watching, waiting for us to recognize him and to invite him in.


I pray that if you haven’t already – you soon will – and so come to know all of his many promises and blessings.


So this was no ‘walk into the sunset’ – but the beginning of a bright new day – thanks to Jesus who rose to new life – to give us  – you and me – new life too – and in His holy name.


Amen. And may God bless this preaching of His Holy Word – and may all the glory and the praise be His.


And now we are  going to take a few minutes to allow us to reflect upon the account of the 2 disciples on their way home – and of their encounter with Jesus.


We might like to reflect upon what our own reaction might be should Jesus join each of us on our own journey along the road of life.

Maybe He already has – aye, but did you recognise Him?


Robin is now going to play for us…….. While we

Relax  in God house,

in God’s presence and

Reflect upon all we have heard and felt today –

And what it means to our own faith……..


Organ Piece – Robin  Time to Reflect


………………ORGAN MUSIC…………….





Heavenly father – On this day we remember our Royal family as they mourn the loss of their loved one, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh – watch over them, give them your comfort and your peace as they travel on their sad journey –

Walk with them – we pray


But Father we know that there are many in this world, aye, too many, for whom life is not good – and it is these, our brothers and sisters who share this earth with us, that we bring to you in our prayers this morning.


Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


We pray for those who struggle to exist, while we have plenty.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


We pray for those who cry – while we are content.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


We pray for those who have the most basic medical help, while we are blessed with the latest ‘high-tech’ advances that modern technology can offer.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


We pray for those who are hungry and homeless while we have nice homes and our stomachs are full.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


We pray for those who mourn the loss of a loved one, whose lives seem to be empty of all hope and feel that life no longer has meaning.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray



We pray for those places in the world where greed and the need for personal gain is causing conflict – and we pray for those ordinary, everyday people who become embroiled in such conflict, whether domestic or on a more national scale.  Lord, bless them, each one.

Loving LordWalk with them – we pray


And today we particularly pray for –


Tom Wyper after his fall


Elizabeth Hunter as she recuperates after her operation.

We know that we are so blessed and we offer our gratitude, appreciation and recognition of all that you do for us and our loved ones.

Lord, we give you our thanks for our families and friends – for those who love us and care for us, for those who make life good.


Loving LordWalk with them – we pray



We pray for all of our church – those for whom the church  is at the centre of their lives – and for those who come when they can – they are all part of the church family in their own way – all important to you – all important to us – as we are all your family – wherever we may be – bless us we pray.


Loving LordWalk with US – we pray



Be with us listening Lord – as we sit together – in silence – for a few moments – each with our own thoughts – each with our own prayers – for those we know and love – and those we know who need a prayer at this time…….

Hear now, our silent prayers………………..


Loving Lord ~ Walk with them all – we pray


for we ask it in the name of the one who walks beside us on our journey – our dear Saviour – the Risen Christ Jesus .       Amen.


Thought for the Week


We’ve been speaking about recognizing Jesus in our lives ~ here’s a wee story ~ It’s about a little boy who sat down at the kitchen table with his crayons and a big sheet of blank paper, and he started to draw.

His father, noticing the youngster hard at work at the table, stopped to look. “What are you doing, son?”

“I’m drawing a picture of God,” said the little boy.

“But son,” said the father, “You can’t draw a picture of God. Nobody knows what God looks like.”

The little boy thought for a moment and said, “Well—they will once I get this picture finished !! ” J


Most people would agree with the father in the story. No one knows what God looks like.

But maybe that’s one of the reasons God created us and called us to serve him. He created us “in his own image” so that we could—in a sense—show the world what God is like.


The Apostle Paul wrote : “As we are being draw closer to God, we are being ‘conformed into the image of his son, Jesus Christ” –

“See me” Jesus said “ and you see God” –


As we become more Godly – we become more Christ-like –  people can see in us a reflection of our Heavenly Father.


And so – as Christians, followers of Jesus – as we walk through this life – we must ‘conform to the image if Jesus’ and walk alongside others in love, tolerance and understanding –

Then people will have a little better idea of what Jesus looks like.

They will see Jesus – in YOU!


Now, that IS food for thought!


Don’t you think??? 


Hymn 533 – “Will you come and follow me”

(Iain to read verse 1 – Robin then plays the tune)




Go in love, joy, peace and hope ~


Go and walk with God – walk with others, showing them the love of Jesus along the way.


And may the blessing of Almighty God – Father- Son – and Holy Spirit – be with you all – may He be with your families and friends and all who you know and love – and ought to love – this day and everyday.