Midweek Meditation for 17 June 2020

Midweek Meditation


The EGO says – “Once everything is in place, I will find peace.”

The SPIRIT says – “Once you find peace – everything will fall into place.”


How often do we busy ourselves, chasing this or that – looking for fulfillment or trying to get up on to the next rung of the ladder? Many do. We say “I must get this done or I must get that done” – consuming our every thought.   But at what cost?

If we are not careful, life can pass us by – we can lose touch with what is really important in our lives – like family, friends, helping others and so much more.

Deep down we know that these things are important, but  for all the promises we may make to ourselves, nothing much changes. And that can bring us guilt and even more stress.  It can become a vicious circle – if we let it.

And it can also have serious consequences on our health.

Read – Proverbs 14 : 30 says “A heart at peace gives life to the body..” reminding us that being calm and at peace brings the benefit of  better health.

Jesus says –    “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart.

This is the kind of gift the world cannot give. So do not worry yourself.”

John 14:27 from the New Living Translation

Pray – Holy, Heavenly Father,  I am grateful for all your goodness to me, help me to see just how blessed I really am – and strengthen me to focus my time on those who are important to me, my family and friends – and my faith. Forgive my selfishness when I so often focus on what’s good for me – for what will help me – rather than what I can do for others. Open my eyes heavenly father that I may live your way and so come to know you better and discover the great joy and blessings which will transform my life – and the lives of those around me.


Ponder – We know that we ought to take more time for the important people and things in life – but knowing and doing something about it are two different things.

Are you willing to use this time of ‘lockdown’ to take stock and re-assess your lifestyle, your activities, so that when we return to ‘normal’ you will not go back to the same busy routine – so that you can spend more time focusing on family, friends and make the changes needed?

Are you? I pray that you will give it much thought and change what needs to be changed. But that is in your hands.

Food for thought…