Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 31st March 2021 – Holy Week



From darkness to light.

Good morning all, I hope you are well. Today we are looking at the events which too place in the week leading up to Easter. We see all that Jesus endured and all that he suffered for our sakes. See and take care, keep safe and God bless.


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31st March 2021



Good morning all,  hope you are all keeping well and looking forward, like me, to the coming of Easter day with all it’s celebrations.


It’s the highlight of the Christian Year as we celebrate the Resurrection of God’s son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Many churches, like my own, will open for the first time in over a year, this Sunday, so it will be a double celebration!


Today is Wednesday of Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.


It was a week of intrigue, betrayal, cruelty and murder – things you might find in any good murder mystery  novel.

Only this story would supersede even the most extravagant of thrillers.


It was a ‘good news – bad news – good news’ kind of week, with a number of evil villains plotting – and a Hero who saved the world!


From the good news of the Triumphant Entry of Jesus in to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to the bad news  of His betrayal, humiliation torture and death on Good Friday – and then the Good News of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday – quote a roller coaster!


Some Denominations and Churches hold Services each night of Holy week, while others might just hold a Maundy Thursday Service or a Good Friday service, but all culminating with a day of joy and celebration on Easter Sunday. Jesus is Risen!


That fateful “Holy” week went something like this :~


MONDAY – Jesus entered the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and was horrified to see it being used as market place.

See John 2 : 12 – 16. Where we hear and angry Jesus say – “This is a Holy Temple, a House of God, not a market place!” And overturned the  market stalls, scattering their goods all over the Temple floor.

TUESDAY – Jesus returns to the Temple and is confronted by the Temple Leaders who are not happy with what He did the day before. Jesus responds  by Teaching them with Parables as well as warning them that the Temple will be destroyed; was He referring to His own impending death?

WEDNESDAY – Sometimes called “Spy Wednesday” as this was the day that Judas offered to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver.

THURSDAY – On the night before his betrayal and death, Jesus washed the feet of twelve disciples, including Judas Iscariot, His betrayer.

The 13 then shared the Last Supper together and Jesus tells them that one of their number would soon betray Him.

Just before midnight, Judas gives up Jesus to the authorities who is then taken away and  imprisoned overnight in the High Priest’s house.

FRIDAY – Pilate condemns Jesus to death by Crucifixion, a most cruel form of death which was usually reserved for those accused of the most  heinous  of crimes.

He was Crucified at 12noon and passed on to Glory at 3pm.

SATURDAY – The Jewish Sabbath day – the Body of Jesus rested in the Tomb. Jewish custom would not allow the anointing of Jesus’ body on their Holy day.

SUNDAY – The Day of Resurrection.

Early in the morning, when the ladies went to anoint the body of Jesus with sweet smelling oils, they found the Tomb was empty.

Mary Magdalene  went to tell the other Disciples who ran to the Tomb to find that the enormous stone which had sealed the entrance of the tomb had been mysteriously rolled away and Jesus had gone.


Jesus subsequently appeared on 5 separate ‘post resurrection’ occasions, from meeting Mary in the Garden to a group of 500 people.

All were witnesses to His Resurrection.

40 days later He ascended into Heaven to be with the Father.


What a week it must have been!

And did you notice? Not one single chocolate egg or Easter Bunny!


You see – Easter is a serious business –  but rather than being a sad day – Easter Sunday is a time of great joy for us – the darkness has been overcome and we see that all His promises came true – He said He would  return – and He did! That gives us the great hope that death need not  be the end for us either, when we put out trust in Him.


He had said to the disciples, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise, but they did not understand and didn’t like to ask Him about it.” Matthew 17 : 22 – 23. And that ‘s just what He did!


We may not understand it all either – but we don’t need to – all we need is to have faith – faith in Him who gave His life up for us, on the Cross.

And perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Easter bunnies and Easter chicks, for they are symbols of Springtime, that time of New life.


And after all –  isn’t that what this whole Easter business is all about?


Food for thought for us all.

Take care, God bless and have a HAPPY EASTER ! J



May God Bless you and may he bless your loved ones too.