Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 30th December 2020

Midweek Meditation

30 December 2020


Welcome to our Midweek Meditation.

Good morning folks, I hope this finds you well. Here is this week’s Midweek Meditation, the last of 2020 (is that a cheer I hear? 😀). I hope that You had a nice Christmas, albeit a very different one and I wish you Health and Happiness for 2021.

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This week between Christmas and new Year is a strange week , it’s kind of “in limbo” kind of week.

But it gives us time to reflect on Christmas and prepare for the coming of a New Year.


Do you remember the days of ‘power cuts’?  When  the lights would go out and we would bring out the candles and torches and carry on as before.

Maybe it was a West Coast thing, but we don’t seem to have them anymore, or at least not so often. As children it was great fun , sitting in the dark reading a book with a torch – or looking out of the window to see all the other houses in the street in total darkness.  And when the lights came back on again we’d all give a great cheer!


It’s true to say that there are many today who are walking and living in darkness. No direction, no real focus – not seeing  the pitfalls which lie ahead of them. Wandering, stumbling down a path not knowing where it will take them.

Some choose that path – others find themselves there without knowing how they got there.

Maybe if we shine our own light around them they will see what a difference ‘living in the light’ can make to our lives, it might  help and encourage them to turn to the one who is ‘The Light of the World.’

By your example, you could change someone’s life – bringing them from a darkness into God’s saving light – isn’t that something worthy of a great cheer!?


Proverbs 4 : 18 – 19


18 The path of the honourable is like the light of dawn,
shining brighter and brighter until it is day.
19 But the way of the lost  is like gloomy darkness.
They never know where they will stumble.”


Let us Pray –

Almighty and Loving God, we thank you for sending your Light into our dark world – in the form of that wee baby boy, born in Bethlehem – a light which shows the way to many who are lost and afraid. Father, this New Year, help us to help others see how much more pleasant life is – when living in the warmth and brightness of the light, your warm, life giving light, there for each one of us.



1st Thessalonians 5 :5


 “For you are all children of the light and of the day; we don’t belong to darkness and night.” 



This year has been designated by a number of Faiths as the “Year of Light” –

Let our resolution be, this  New Year, to share our love and our light with others, more specially those who are struggling and in need.



I’d like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Peace-filled new Year when it comes…


When I was a child in Sunday School – one of my  favourite hymns was “This little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine..”    it always make me happy…


Take care and  God bless…



Play “This Little light of mine…”


I don’t know about you I’ll be humming that tune for the rest of the day!…


Have a good week – and please – keep safe…