Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 29th July 2020



READ – Psalm 55 : 22 – New Life Version (NLV)

22 Give all your cares to the Lord and He will give you strength. He will never let those who are right with Him be shaken.


How strong are you?  I don’t mean do you have a personal trainer or work out in the Gym – but how strong are you in mind and spirit?

Sometimes life throws some pretty nasty wobblies at us doesn’t it? And it might be easy for us to be shaken into believing that we  cannot cope.

The Psalmist reminds us that our strength lies not in our bodies but in our faith.

So, instead of lifting weights in the gym – lift your eyes up to God, open your heart to Him in prayer. Get your heart pumping beyond your own limitations and rely on Him who gives’ us His strength in our weakness.  He will be your strength as well as your personal trainer, guiding you, strengthening you as you build up your faith.

Put your trust in Him, open your heart and your mind, follow His fitness plan as laid out for us in His Word and when things seem bleak – you know for sure that you don’t deal with  these issues alone – you have the power of almighty God within you – and you will be fit for anything life throws at you.


READ – Psalm 59 : 9-10  – New  Life Version (NLV)

O my Strength, I will watch for You. For God is my strong place. 10 My God in His loving-kindness will meet me. God will keep me safe from those who would harm me.


Heavenly Father – I thank you for being in my life. You give me the strength and the power to get through the ups and downs of all that life puts before me.  Strengthen my faith O Lord; increase my gratitude that I might be a better ambassador for you – in my heart, in my life and in all I say and do.