Midweek meditation – Wednesday 28th October 2020

28th October 2020

Midweek Meditation


What would you say is the most important item in your home?

The Cooker? The Television? The Computer? Your bed?


For me it is none of these – it is something far more important – it’s my pillow.


No matter where I go, what I do, whatever kind of day I have had –  at the end of the day there is nothing quite like relaxing and laying my head on my soft, comfy pillow and slipping in to a deep sleep. As my Grandfather used to say “Ye cannie whack it!”


But sometimes, no matter how soft my pillow is, or how relaxed my body may be – sleep eludes me as thoughts and memories race round and round in my mind, like an old black and white movie on a never ending loop.


But not long ago, as I was reading through some old books, I saw the words of a Hymn which said “Jesus you are the pillow for a troubled soul.” What a lovely image!

“A pillow for a troubles Soul.”

“Trust in me,” Jesus says “and I will give you rest.”


Let us Pray – you are my pillow on which I can lay my weary head, there I find peace and safety from the world outside.

You offer a calm and tranquillity that restores my troubled soul – and in you I can rest knowing that I am truly safe. How blessed I am, thank you Lord.




The words of Psalm 4, verse 8 say to us ~ “I will lie down and sleep because you alone make me dwell in safety.”


He gives us comfort like no other can – we can rest our weary soul on Him – for in Him we are safe, secure and enveloped in loving care. No-one, no-thing can harm us as we feel His peace settles over us.

We find rest and a deep peace in our Saviour’s loving arms.

I pray that you will find that deep peace which so often eludes us – put your trust in Him, lay your head on His shoulder and feel His love surround you as you drift off to sleep, safe and secure….. How blessed you are…



If you are anxious or have trouble sleeping – can I suggest that tonight – as you lay your head on your pillow, that you remember this short reflection – allow your head to sink gently into the softness of the pillow, take a deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds and then gently exhale (do this between each of the three  phrases) and say slowly to yourself – “I am safe – I am loved – I am blessed” a few times – and I pray that with practice, you will slip into a peace filled and restful sleep. Sleep tight.


Have a good week folks , Take care and God Bless..

And Please – Keep safe.