Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 26th August 2020

Midweek Meditation


Good morning all, I hope you and your families are keeping as well as is possible under the circumstances.

Please find my Midweek Meditation copied below.

I hope it helps – particularly those who are struggling just now.

Take care.


Midweek Meditation

26th August 2020

Life is a Puzzle

PONDER – What have you been doing to pass the time during Lockdown these past few months ? – presuming you haven’t been going out to work that is.

I know some have been trying to keep fit – while others may have been eating their own body weight in chocolate! J  I say that in  a loving, non judgmental kind of way of course!

Some have been reading more or trying their hand a writing a book, or perhaps taking up an online course or starting a new hobby.

A friend recently told me that he had taken up doing  Jigsaws.  “Jigsaws are making a comeback – they make you think” he tells me.

That got me thinking…

What if we thought of our lives as being a Jigsaw? One of those really big ones with so many pieces that only the maker knows just how many.

Some pieces are of blue skies and bright sunshine –  while other  bits are dark, with black and grey colours .

We have been trying to make sense of it all for years – some bits are misshapen and don’t seem to fit in anywhere – while other pieces are lost altogether.

And to make things worse for us – we don’t know what the final picture is supposed to look like – as we lost the lid to the box long ago.

Some get in touch with the maker to help them make sense of it all – while others can’t be bothered and put the whole thing in the bin.

Such is life.

READ – “God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before Him. When I got my act together, He gave me a fresh start.”

Psalm 18 : 20 (The Message version).

REFLECT – We can’t rewrite our storyline – but God can.

We can’t find all the pieces and put them all in the right place – but God can.

He makes sense of it all –  all we have to do is admit we need help – that we can’t do it on our own – and hand all the parts of our life over to Him.

Give Him all the pieces – and He will arrange them to make the most beautiful picture you could ever imagine, – your life here, as He intended – and then in that glorious, heavenly place, which is promised to us hereafter.

God will help you make sense of all the different pieces.

Some were to teach you – others to give you compassion, while others were to encourage you along the way. Many of the pieces still don’t make sense to us, but they do to God.

Hand over your life to Him in prayer – He has the lid of the box – He knows what the overall picture looks like.  While we only see our own wee corner – He sees it all.

The one thing that so many seem to be searching for – is Peace.

God  holds that in His hand, have you asked Him for it yet?

Is God’s Peace the missing piece of the jigsaw of your life?       “Ask and you will receive” the Bible tells us.

READ – “I feel ‘put back together’ and now I’m watching my step as I travel forward. God rewrote the text of my life when I opened up my life to Him so that He can see me as I am – and He made me what I was created to be.”     Psalm 18 : 24 (The Message Version).

PRAY – Heavenly Father, take my life, repair all that is broken  and make me whole again.

Give me a willing heart and a watchful eye so that I may see others who are struggling, and help them to ‘pick up the pieces’ and encourage them to hand them over to you to make sense of it all.

Bless those who’s lives are in pieces, living in fear, broken lives, broken relationships, broken hearts.

Bless each one of us with your peace – for we ask it in the name of Your only Son, our only hope, Jesus Christ.


Psalm 4 : 8 “ I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone  O Lord, make me live in safety.”

God Bless – have a good week.