Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 25th November 2020

Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 25th November 2020

Good morning alI, I hope that you are all well. Please find the AUDIO version of this weeks Midweek Meditation below if you should wish to take some time out to relax and listen to it. As usual, I will post the text Version on my own Facebook page for those who like to copy and pass on to others. Take care and God bless.

Audio Version

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Have you ever taken the time to think about the kind of language you use when speaking to others?

I’m not suggesting that you would use foul or unpleasant language – I am thinking of ‘how’ you speak to others


Are you an ‘uplifter’ or a ‘put downer’ ?


Do the words you use and the way you put them over, encourage and uplift others?


Do they encourage positive thoughts in those around you – or put down and so encourage unhelpful and negative feelings?


It is perhaps something that we don’t really think about.


I had never given it much thought until I heard a sermon some time ago which made me think about the things I may thoughtlessly say in haste.


The Bible encourages us to think about the ‘use of our tongue’ and how, for all its size, it can cause immense hurt and damage or it can uplift and inspire others. See the book of James at 1:26 and 3:5.

“With the tongue we can praise God and with it we can curse men… out of the same mouth we can praise and curse. My brothers, that should not be!” James 3 : 9-10.


Many years ago I remember writing a particularly long and tedious letter in to BBC Radio and to my delight the Broadcaster read it out on air! I felt so embarrassed, until he said “Thank you for your extensive letter Iain Ramsden (it was about 7 pages !) – I think you  would make a considerable  writer!” –  and I have never forgotten those few encouraging words. It was Jimmy McGregor on his Radio show “McGregors’ Gathering” – do you remember it?


Although many may disagree with him – those few words of encouragement were just what I needed to hear and I have been ‘putting pen to paper’ ever since. (So it’s all Jimmy McGregor’s fault!).


I don’t know how many words we would speak in any one day (too many perhaps) but we should be conscious of the words we use and the tone of how we use them – for, consciously or not,  our words can build up or put down.

Your words may be the only words some people hear that day – let’s make them memorable, for all the right reasons.



Ephesians 4:29

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, that it may give grace to those who hear.”


Colossians 4 : 6

“Let your speech always be gracious…”


Let us Pray,

Loving, listening Lord, I know that you hear every word I say and think– may I put a guard on my tongue so that I will say only good and encouraging things that bring positive thoughts to others and honour and glory to you. Amen.


Something for us all to Reflect upon this week.


Take care and God Bless.

And please keep safe.