Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Midweek Meditation

22nd July 2020

A Peaceful Place.



“The Lord blesses His  people with Peace” Psalm 29:11”

Jesus said – “Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give to you. The Peace I give you is not the same the peace the world gives you – I give you the deep Peace of God.” John 14 : 27


“Peace perfect peace” – isn’t it something that we all long for in the busyness and chaos of life?

How often, over these past few months, have we thought ‘it would great to get away for a few days’ – whether it be on a beach, a mountain walk or some other peaceful place?

Some might be lucky and be able to jet off to some exotic destination – but most of us can’t just drop everything and head off, as much as we might like to.


But there IS a place where you can go whenever you want to.


A very special place. All you have to do is close your eyes and think of a ‘happy place’ with happy memories. It might be somewhere you went on holiday or a place which holds special memories for you. We all have a place – where is yours?


So whenever you feel the need to ‘get away from it all’, take a few moments, close your eyes (unless you’re driving!) imagine yourself in that place – look around, feel the atmosphere, the sun, the warmth. Take a few deep breaths and slowly exhale slowly – relax your arms, your shoulders and your legs – if only for a few minutes. Look around you, what can you see?


Take a ‘short break’ to your favourite place anytime you like – at no cost.


God promises us a ‘Peace which surpasses all our understanding’ – a quite refuge ‘in the midst of the raging storms of life’.

Go to your place of peace – immerse yourself – feel at peace – know that God is watching over you and keeping you safe.

Take that wee holiday – you deserve it – you’ll be glad that you did.


PRAY – God of all Love, God of all Peace – I turn from the world for just a few moments, to draw strength and comfort from you. Keep me safe, keep me mindful of your great love for me – and that in itself gives me great comfort.

Thank you, in Jesus’ name, thank you.