Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 1st July

Midweek Meditation

A New Kind of Gift


“…yet it seems to me that finishing well in this life is not so much about who is the best or greatest at something, but rather who embraces lowliness of heart.

Laying down one’s rights—meekness—is a blessed virtue, one that must surely come straight from the Throne of Grace.“

 – The Prodigal, Beverly Lewis


For many of us “life just happens’.  We are in our teens, enjoying (sometimes enduring) life – we blink and middle age is upon us – and before we know it – old age is beckoning – if it hasn’t already. “Where did those years go?” we might well ask ourselves. “What have I achieved ?”  Almost certainly more than you give yourself credit for.

But it might be argued that ‘quality of life is more important than quantity of life’. Living life to the full might be preferred to living a long yet unproductive or cheerless life.


In her novel “The Prodigal”,  Beverly Lewis uses her association with the Amish community to create characters who, through personal tragedy and difficulties, reflect on the ‘meaning of life’ and the quality of their own lives.

“The most important thing” they conclude “is not  about wealth or accomplishments – but about having the Christ-like qualities of humility, meekness and  gentleness.



Moses was blessed for his meekness and given great honour by God. Ask God to bless you with a meek spirit like Moses, that you may be used and blessed by God all of your days.


Read – Numbers 12:1 – 3


“Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite]woman he had married (for he had married an Ethiopian woman). They said, “Has the Lord spoken onl] through Moses? Has he not also spoken through us?” And the Lord heard it.

Now the man Moses was very humble, more so than any man on the face of the earth.


Miriam and Aaron gossiped  about Moses through their jealousy – but God chose Moses because of  the qualities of his character.


Don’t be concerned if you feel that life has passed you by – Moses was a shepherd until he was called by God at the ripe old age of 80 – so there’s hope for us yet!


Ponder – Are you living your life as God would want you to?

Do you treat others with respect, living in humility and thanksgiving – as He would wish you to?

Are there areas in your life which need addressing? If so, let’s take this time that God has given us to  reflect and take stock.


Pray – Loving God,  thank you for loving me – thank you for being tolerant and forgiving of my ways which are not always in accordance with your wishes. Help me to look at my own life so that I may be open and honest with myself and with you.  Hear my prayer Lord, for I bring it to you in all humility and – in Jesus’ name.