Midweek Meditation – Wednesday 18th November 2020

Midweek Meditation

Wednesday 18th November 2020

Good morning all, please find this week’s Midweek Meditation below for those of you who may wish to take a few minutes to relax and listen . I hope you will find some words of comfort to help you through these difficult times. Take care and keep yourself, and others, safe. God bless.

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Good morning – thank you for joining me in  my ‘Midweek Meditation.’

Are you sitting comfortably ?  Just sit, relax and listen.

Can I ask you a question? How are you?

Are you coping with this time of lockdown – or –

Are you struggling to get through each day?

If so, then perhaps you would think about my second question ~

What do you think is the biggest social issue in our world today?

Poverty perhaps?

Drugs misuse?



There is no doubt that all these are problems in our societies today – some say they always have been.

But I would say that a major issue for many – of all ages – is that of Loneliness.

Perhaps it is more acute at this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic  – where many of us are in ‘lockdown’ for our own safety and the safety of others.

Loneliness can affect any age and from any walk of life.

Well, if that is the problem, what is the answer?

If  only it were that simple.

But perhaps it starts with us – perhaps it is we who ought to reach out to others – to break the ice.

Someone said to me recently “I’m so lonely, no-one ever calls me” to which I gently said “That’s a shame – but do you ever call them?”

Taking the first step, making the first move can often open the door  to friendship and companionship.

You can be sure that there are many who are in the same situation – feeling the same – wanting the same – someone to talk to, someone to listen.

I can absolutely assure you that there IS someone who listens – someone who is interested in you and how your life is going.

Someone who longs for you to talk to Him – to tell him how your day is going – to hear what problems you are having – what is troubling you – and whatever is on your mind.

Perhaps you have some good news that you want  share – share it with Him.

We have a great and listening God who is only a prayer away.

You may not be in the way of talking to Him each day – but you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to talk to Him.

Just close your eyes and talk to Him as you would talk to a friend. Don’t worry if your words get muddled or confused – He knows what you are trying to say.

“ A trouble shared is a trouble halved” as the saying goes  – and as the old BT advert used to say “it’s good to talk.”

If you find it awkward or hard to talk – don’t worry, the more you do it – the better you get . Don’t give up!

Find a comfy seat, think about what you want to say, write it down if that will help. Take a deep breath and go for it.

Speak slowly and with confidence – knowing that God IS hearing you. When you finish – simply say “Thank you for listening Lord. Amen.”


If, on the other hand, you know someone else who is lonely, why not give them a call, send them a card to let them know that you are think about them – it will be a small gesture on our part – but you can be absolutely sure that it will mean a whole lot more to them.

“Jesus says –

“I will always be with you – always.

I will never fail nor forsake you, never”

How comforting to us – especially to those of us who struggle each day – we are NOT alone – our God is always with us…

Let us pray –

Loving God, I pray for all who are lonely, all who feel isolated and alone. I pray too fore those who may have family and friends nearby but feel  on their own.

Remind them that you are always with us, no matter where we are – you keep us in your sight – and you love and value each one of us.

Grant them your peace and enhance their lives with companionship and friendship.

Guide us to seek out those in need of help and support, so that we might show them the love of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Here’s something for us all to think about –

Do we, you and I, know someone who is lonely or troubled?

Is there something we can do to help them through this difficult time?

Will you look for someone to help this week’

I pray that you will.

Something for us all to think about.


Take care, God Bless – have a good week –

and please……. take care.