Christmas Reflection 2020

Christmas Morning 2020


Good morning all, a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. It will be a very different t one for most of us, but the message of Christmas doesn’t change, God’s Son came down to earth to seek and to save us and that really is worth celebrating! So whether you are with family or on your own, never forget that God is always with you, He said “I will never forget or forsake you, I will always be with you.” If you are having a busy day why not save this Reflection for later. It is a Christmas story suitable for all ages, so if you are a child or “young at heart” this story is for you. Have lovely day, God bless and keep safe. Iain.


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Good morning all –

Well, it’s Christmas morning  – the day we celebrate our Saviours birth.

and a Happy Christmas to you all !!

I’d like to tell you a story – it’s a children’s story, so if you have any children around you might like to gather them around to hear the story of the very first Christmas tree.


It also has a message for the adults too – so if, like me, you are a child at heart why not take a seat and her this Christmas Story.

I wrote it a number of years ago for the children in my Sunday School in the Highlands – they liked it – I hope you do too.


As I say to the Children ~

Are you sitting comfortably?

Do you need a wee shoogle to settle down?

OK then I’ll begin ~



The First Christmas Tree

In a land far away – a long time ago – there was a great forest where the Pine trees stood tall and proud – some of the trees were so tall that the local people said that they touched the skies !

But there was one tree that was not nearly so tall as the others; in fact, it was no taller than some of the children in the local school.

Now, the tall trees could see far, far out over the hilltops and into the valleys, and they could hear all the noises that went on in the world beyond the forest, but the Little Tree was so small and the other trees grew so high and thick about it that it could not see nor hear these things at all; but the other trees were very kind, and they would stoop down and tell them to the Little Tree.

One night in the winter time there seemed to be something strange happening in the little town among the hills, for the trees did not go to sleep after the sun went down, but put their heads together and spoke in strange, low whispers that were full of awe and wonder. The Little Tree, from its place close down to the ground, did not understand what it was all about. It listened awhile, and then lifted its head as high as ever it could and shouted to its tall neighbor: “Will you not stoop and tell me what is happening?” And the big tree stooped down and whispered: “There are shepherds out on the hilltops and they’re telling strange stories while they watch their sheep. The air is filled with sweet music, and there is a wonderful star coming up in the east, traveling westward always, and the shepherds say that they are waiting for it to stop and shine over a humble stable in their little town. I have not heard why it is going to stop there, but I will look again and listen.” So the tall tree lifted up its head again, and reached far out so that it might hear more of the wonderful story.

Bye and bye it stooped down again, and whispered to the Little Tree:

“Oh, Little Tree, listen! There are angels among the shepherds on the hills, and they are all talking together. They seem to be awaiting the birth of a little child, who will be a king among the people, and the beautiful star will shine above the stable where the little king will be laid in a manger.”

The tree again raised its head to listen, and the Little Tree, much puzzled, thought within itself: “This is very strange, indeed, Oh, how I wish that I could see it all!”


It waited a little longer, and everything grew quiet, and a great peace came upon the forest.

Then suddenly the town, and even the forest was illuminated with a strange, white light that made everything as bright as day, and the air was filled with the flutter of angels’ wings, and with music such as the world had never heard before.

The people and the trees, even the stars in the heaven, lifted up their voices and sang together and the whole world was filled with music and joy and love for the little Christ-child who had come to dwell upon the earth.

The Little Tree was filled with fear and wonder, for so great was the excitement that the other trees had almost forgotten it, and it could not understand the mysterious sounds; but bye and bye its tall friend said, “Listen, listen, Little Tree! Such news I have to tell! The Christ has come–the King! And the whole world is singing such beautiful music. There are wise men coming from the East, bringing beautiful gifts to the Christ-child. The angels, too, are upon the earth, and they bear rare and beautiful gifts. Wait! I will tell you more.”

The tall tree had scarcely lifted up its head when it stooped again and whispered to the Little Tree, “Look! Look! Little Tree! They are coming this way; the angels are coming here, into our forest! Lift up your head high and you will see them as they pass.”

The Little Tree lifted up its head and saw the white flutter of angel robes and heard the strange, sweet voices of the heavenly host who came with precious gifts into the forest.

“Oh,” said the Little Tree, “they are coming here, toward me! What shall I do?” And in fear it bent its head so low that it almost touched the ground.

But the music came nearer and nearer, and the Little Tree felt a tender hand upon its branches, and a soft, gentle voice said to it, “Arise, Little Tree, and come with us, for we have come into the forest to seek you. Yes, you, the very smallest among the trees, we have a special task for you – you are to be the gift-bearer. Come; lift up your head.”

In fear and trembling the Little Tree did as the angel had said. But when it looked into the angel’s face and saw the love and kindness there, all fear was gone, and it said to the angel: “Yes; make me ready. I will come with you to the little Christ-child in the manger.”

So all the angels lifted up the small tree and placed him in the corner of the stable where her could see all that was going on. He saw the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph – he saw the cattle and the lambs that the shepherds had brought – and he saw the 3 Wise men who brought wonderful gifts for the new baby.

And so the story goes – although nobody is quite sure if it’s true – that Mary tied the presents on to the small tree – so she could open them later, once everyone had gone.

And that – they say – is the story of the very first Christmas Tree.


What a wonderful story !  – I don’t know if it’s true – but Christmas is certainly a wonderful and exciting time – it’s the time when we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus…….

And so  – this Christmas – as we eat all that yummy food and open our presents – let’s remember that first little Christmas Tree – and for as small as he was – he still had a very important job to do – Just like you.

And let’s also to remember the whole reason for Christmas – the birth of the baby Jesus.

Jesus is the reason for the season !!



Dear God, we give you thanks for our families and friends and we give thanks for the birth of that wee baby Jesus, all those years ago. Remind us that Jesus came for each one of us – to love and to care and to bless us ~ and may He bless all children everywhere, this Christmas, especially those who are not to fortunate as we are.

Hear our Prayer Lord, for we pray in the name of our most special friend – our dear sweet Jesus. Amen.


God bless – and Happy Christmas!!

Take care and please – keep safe.