Welcome to the website of Kilmacolm Old Kirk-a parish church of the Church of Scotland.

The Old Kirk is the historic parish church of the village of Kilmacolm, though it now happily shares the responsibility of serving the village with its sister Church of Scotland congregation in the village - St. Columba and also with St Fillan’s Scottish Episcopal Church and St Colm’s Roman Catholic Church with whom we enjoy friendly and co-operative relations.

The Old Kirk seeks to be  an inclusive place of welcome, nurture and  spiritual growth to everyone who comes across its path.
We hope to share something of our faith and common life together through the pages of this website. We trust that you will find it informative and interesting and that it might encourage you to come and share in the life of our church. We are not a perfect people, nor are we a perfect church, nor yet do we have a perfect faith, but we are a  people who are trying, as faithfully as we can, to live our lives following the example of Jesus Christ.

We would be delighted to welcome you to any of our services and events so please do come along and meet us. All Sunday services have a Sunday School and Creche. All details of our services can be found on the Diary page.

Peter McEnhill, Minister Kilmacolm Old Kirk.

Please view our church tour video.

About Kilmacolm Old Kirk

Kilmacolm Old Kirk is the historic Church of Scotland parish church in the village. The name Kilmacolm itself is derived from the Gaelic for ‘church or cell’ of ‘Columba’. Tradition has it that  the great Saint of Glasgow, Mungo, and the great Saint of Iona, Columba, met here at the Gillburn and exchanged pastoral staffs as a sign of mutual acceptance. There is a stained glass window in the church today that depicts both saints in memory of this meeting. In any event there has been a Christian presence on or about this site since the Celtic monastic missions of the sixth century.

Today, however, we are very much a contemporary church of the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland finds its origins in the pre-reformation church in Scotland and it is the national and established church of the country. It is Presbyterian in government and Reformed and Catholic  in doctrine, practice and belief. 
Easter at Knapps Loch Our worship service is traditional in form, but also, we believe, lively, relevant and engaged with everyday life.  At its heart lies the faithful preaching of God’s word into the contemporary situation. The congregation has recently restructured its communal life and produced a vision statement to more faithfully  order its communal life of worship and praise in accordance with the gospel priorities that Christ himself enunciated at the beginning of his ministry in Nazareth. As a congregation of Christian people we thus seek to offer ourselves in service to the community in which we are set and to the larger world in which we live in the name of Christ. We extend a warm welcome to one and all, and trust that you will find this place to be an oasis of calm and refreshment  where your soul is nurtured, your hope revived, your faith renewed and your vision for God’s work in this world reborn.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 1:3)